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Seeds Of Sorcery

First posted like a month ago...I still need people!

Name: Seeds Of Sorcery
Format: Chats are done over AIM for scenes but the scenes are posted on GJ. Need a GJ and at least 2 icons for your character.
Game(s): The setting is Final Fantasy 8 but all characters from 6, 7, 9, and Tactics can be used also. (See character chart in the OOC community please)
Contact: --Jennilee (Gunbladegrrl on AIM or for email)
Website: OOC Forum Link
Minimum Age Requirement: 18 or older preferred, willing to take younger if proved a mature serious player.
Deadline: This game is just starting, I'd like to get at least all of the FF8 cast members by March 8th.
Game Description: The Premise:

Hyne, ruler of all the universe, created six worlds. She called them her seeds. She created them and watched over them lovingly and added many people and races to her worlds. She had Gia and Terra, the eteral twins who were actually two worlds in one.(FF9) There was Spira, a land divided.(FFX) There was the world of Balance and Ruin.(FF6) There was the world of Meteor, (FF7) and the world of War. (FF Tactics) However the last one was her favorite. She called it Sorcerell and she blessed them all with magic. Each world had some chosen few that were better magic users than most. In many worlds they would either summon mythical creatures and were called summoners, or in the case of Sorcerell, they were called sorceresses.

For hundreds of years, Hyne watched over the worlds until the evil that had fallen on each of them had supposedly been destroyed. The evil was created by Hyne's nemisis Desmauve. She was jealous of her power and instead of atacking Hyne directly, (there was no way she could win) she spread out her power among the worlds and through corruption, tried to destory them all. In her failure, her rage grew and now her vengance knows no bounds. However, she could only attack five of the worlds at once. It was better that way, she decided, for she would save Hyne's favorite for last.

Unable to stop the forces, Hyne casts a spell to change the worlds so that all the people in the first five move to Sorcerell.

What will happen? Who knows?
Details: Need a GJ and at least 2 icons of your character (2 character limit unless otherwise approved by mod). Need AIM screen name and email for contact and RP purposes. Any that are interested, need to fill out the application seen here and email it to
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