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Join us!

Name: Incursion
Format: Greatest Journal, with some AIM play.
Game(s): FFVII Only!
Contact: AIM SN: Dynast. Stephanie is the name!
Website: Incursion
Minimum Age Requirement: We normally regaurd it as seventeen. However, if you are a younger player, highly creative, and mature enough to handle things we'll accept your application and look it over thoroughly. We may ban you from certain RPs though.
Deadline: ASAP. It's already started and rolling, we're filling in the gaps.
Game Description: Incursion is based a year after the end of the original game. The Summons were released from the lifestream to protect the planet, ShinRa has rebuilt their empire (and, ironically enough, rerecruited an amnesiac Sephiroth as their General). Avalanche, with their various planet-tuned members detecting a threat, are regrouping to discuss their various strange feelings. Most importantly, secretly, a small hoard of the Alien Race that Jenova came from has begun an invasion on the planet.
Details: You will need to make a personal journal for the roleplay. We do not make "journal entries" but do regular roleplay through the community.

We are in desperate need of a Scarlet, as our previous one quit. We have a lot of plans, but an inability to follow them through while missing gaps.
You are able to apply as a many different people-- though most of the main cast is filled, you have your chance to make an original character that'll be able to interact smoothly with characters known in the game (heck, you could have a Gold Saucer employee! Or a Chocobo Racer!). Also available are Summons and Jenova Species, each with their powers, and their responsibilities.

Thanks for the interest! Hope to hear from you soon. <3
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