Lord Kuja (forsaken_genome) wrote in ffrp_promo,
Lord Kuja

Final Fantasy IX (9)

Name: Res Certissima.

Format: ProBoards Message Board.
Game(s): Final Fantasy IX. (FF9)

Contact: E-Mail, with Subject titled as FFIX RPG: discarded_souls@yahoo.com

LJ Community.

Minimum Age Requirement: Minimum is 16 years of age.
Deadline: No dead-line, but the sooner the better.

Game Description: Set three years after the original game's story-line, with the RPG cast consisting of both canon characters & original characters. The actual storyline, characters taken & available, plus other important features of an RPG are all archived at our LJ community. It woul d be considered a massive post, if we were to post it here.

Details: You must have finished FFIX thoroughly. We only accept experienced role-players, who are also experienced at role-playing via a forum or message-board (where this RPG will be played out). A plotful storyline that will continously develop, and a combination between Canon Characters & Original Characters are the main significant features.

Any questions, please feel free to ask us via the contact e-mail.
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