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multi-verse RP

Name: Ares Arcanum
Format: LJ-formatted RP, lots of AIM chats as well
Game(s): Most RPGs and fighting games are allowed
Contact: You can contact me (zell_dincht) at AIM Thief Legault (or commenting here), takaishihoshi at AIM JinBitesHard, or kiarajinzan at AIM TavinConnell
Website: http://community.livejournal.com/ares_arcanum/profile
Minimum Age Requirement: No, but we ask all candidates be able to handle adult situations. This includes het, yuri, and yaoi
Deadline: This is continuous, there is no deadline
Game Description: This game is basically a multi-verse video game RP where most RPG and fighting characters come together. Here's a snippet from the user info:

Different worlds, different places, different faces... They all come together to an institution far greater than those known, and in a planet widely known to most futuristic explorers. The past, the present, and the future all in one place. Welcome to Ares Arcanum.

Ares Arcanum is a University serving many fields of study, currently expanding its programs to accomodate more majors for its students. We also have a Preparatory Program where high school students can study with the college students while earning their high school diploma and earning college units at the same time.

Ares Arcanum is located in a remote location in Arcadia Planitia, just 5 miles north of the northern flank of Olympus Mons (the biggest volcano in the Solar System) in Mars.

Details: As the Informative cut states, this RP takes place on Mars. Cowboy Bebop-like setting, except it isn't nearly as populated as that anime. Character personality and events in that game should be kept canon. Everything else is up to the player. Check the user info for more details. If you have any questions, please contact me. Thanks!
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