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Yup! Another RP comm... If you love FFX/X-2, then you'll love this! ^___^

New Spira info~

+ Over 40 characters already assembled! We'd love to have more people join us. Everyone's really friendly~ We're like one big crack happy RP family!
+ You can pick any character from any videogame, anime, or manga. New Spira has a unique plot/storyline. You'll feel like you're actually in Spira ^__^
+ We're an active community!

This is a promotional invite to the RPG community new_spira, a crossover game set in the world of Spira, post-Final Fantasy X-2. We are particularly in need of people to play villains and members of other races, but all characters from all series are welcome.

After the defeat of Vegnagun and the cessation of hostilities by the Three Factions of Spira, everyone thought that the Eternal Calm could be enjoyed at last. But an even greater threat has now arisen, and Spira's Calm is being threatened once more.

A new Sin has been born, and christened Sudit by the remaining Yevonite factions, it travels across Spira leaving fiends and destruction in its wake. The Farplane has lost all stability, and Guadosalam stands inhabited only by dangerous upheavals of energy and overpowered fiends that attack all who come near. No one knows what is causing these catastrophes, and blame and fear fly wildly throughout the land. As if this was not enough, racial dissent still lies rife between the old Yevonites, the Al Bhed, the Ronso, and the nigh-extinct Guado, and Sudit's existence is more and more often used as an excuse to point fingers.

Spira's only defense lies in its Summoners, of all races, who have taken up the Pilgrimage once more to enlist the help of Spira's Fayth. Although no longer forced to answer the call of Yevonites in their temples, many of these spirits are willing to help defend their world, and as Yu Yevon's Dream Zanarkand is no longer being upheld, there may be more Fayth to answer the call than before . . .

Convinced? Apply here.
Not yet?

You may play any character from any series--videogame, anime, manga, etc--at new_spira, but they must be adapted to the world of Final Fantasy X-2. In other words, you must play the character as if they had been born to and always lived in the Spira in the game. This gives you the chance to be a bit more flexible with how you play them.

There are six kinds of race that you may choose from, and a number of occupations.

Spiran - the greatest part of the population of Spira, Spirans can be found inhabiting virtually any part of Spira south of Mount Gagazet and east of Bikanel Island.
Al Bhed - the "heretic" race of Bikanel Island, the Al Bhed have their own language and culture of machina, and were formerly hated by the Yevonites for their attempts to stop the Pilgrimages of Summoners who went to sacrifice themselves to stop Sin. Now they are more commonly accepted by the world at large, and can be found all over Spira introducing the use of machina--particularly at Djose temple, where the Al Bhed Gippal heads the Machine Faction.
Ronso - the catlike warrior race of Mount Gagazet, very little is known about the Ronso race, other than they have a complicated hierarchy and are rarely seen outside of their mountain tribes. However, a surprising amount of Ronso--usually young males and females on their journey to prove themselves as warriors, or older tribe exiles--can be found serving as bodyguards or Guardians, or playing on blitzball teams in Luca.
Guado - the nearly extinct race of Spira, originally the guardians and inhabitants of Guadosalam, and now scattered to the far corners of the continent. Still despised and reviled--mostly due to the savage and genocidal attacks made by Seymour Guado, particularly against the Ronso--by nearly all the races of Spira, they often stay far away from any major cities and most villages.
Fayth - see the next section
Hypello - a froglike race native to southern Spira, Hypellos often speak Spiran with a slurred accent, and are most often found as shoopuf drivers or traders.

Guardian - Warriors sworn to protect Summoners on their Pilgrimage to petition the Fayth. A Summoner rarely has more than two Guardians, although more is not unheard of. (We are in need of more Guardians for the game.)
Summoner - People of Spira with the ability to summon the Fayth and to Send the pyrefly spirits of the dead on to the Farplane. Often travel with Guardians for their protection. Among the famous (and infamous) Summoners of Spira are Yuna, Seymour Guado, Braska, and the Lady Yunalesca.
Trader - People who either travel along Spira or set up shop in one of the greater cities to sell and trade their wares, traders can deal in anything from weapons to items to chocobos to dress spheres to small machina.
Blitzer - Athletes of Spira, blitzers are most often found in Luca, which boasts Spira's only Blitzball stadium.
Yevonite - A practitioner of Spira's oldest religion, that reveres the Fayth and the legendary figure of Yu Yevon. Yevonites are typically divided into two categories: New Yevonites (who followed the faction started by the Praetor Baralai), and traditional or protestant Yevonites.
Performer - Performers are artists who can often be found in the large cities of Luca and Besaid, the amusement parks of the Calm Lands, or the theatres of the Moonflow. Tobli is a well-known performer of the Moonflow.
Acolyte - People who live in the temples of the Fayth in order to maintain their upkeep and perform offerings in the name of the people.
Villain - We are in need of villains for the game, and only Yevonite, Al Bhed, Ronso, or Guado characters may apply. The application form is here.
Other - There are several other occupations you may choose, so be creative! If you wish to do something like pilot an airship, however, please consult the mod first.

Convinced? Apply here.
Not yet?

In this RPG, you also have the option of playing as one of Spira's Fayth. There are two kinds of Fayth to choose from: a pre-made Fayth, or having a character from a series made into one. All Fayth are created and finalized by the mods, and you may not choose your own Fayth's powers; this is to prevent superpowering them.

The Fayth are spirits of Spira's dead who sacrificed themselves either to aid Yu Yevon in preserving Zanarkand a thousand years ago, or to aid the Summoners in their Pilgrimage to defeat Sin. All Fayth are now free to wander Spira and make their own decisions, but cannot manifest as Aeons (their physical form) without the aid of a Summoner.

Playing a Fayth involves taking petitions from Summoners and deciding whether you wish to fight for them or not. Fayth are capable of sending dreams and mental images to all Summoners, and most can often affect the area surrounding their Shrine or Temple. If you choose a Summoner who becomes abusive, you may choose to leave them. You can also communicate with other Fayth and try to win them to your cause, because not all of them are very interested in fighting for Spira . . .

A map of all the Temple and Shrine Fayth may be found here. Temple Fayth are also open to play, and a list of all Fayth journals and information entries is here. If you wish to play an existing Fayth, you can contact a mod and they will give you a list of full Fayth information for you to choose from.

Fayth are generally low-upkeep characters, especially since the Summoners often direct them in battle, so if you're not fond of having to keep up with the game you might want to consider one as your character choice.

The Fayth application form can be found here.

Convinced? Apply here.
Not yet? Oh well, but thank you for reading this far! ^_^

We've started to have cuts every once in a while for those who aren't active, so I hope if you decide to join us you'll be active! ^.^

Give us a look, ne? ♥
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