truth_behold (truth_behold) wrote in ffrp_promo,

Final Fantasy AU Greatest Journal RP

A Greatestjournal, Final Fantasy XVII: Truth Behold RPG.

A Final Fantasy Roleplay with extensive backstory that keeps on developing, extensive storyline, plot melding many of the FF/KH and some sparse RPGS/Anime together, yet keeping the Final Fantasy and Free Form element.

This is a world where anything is possible, just like in the Final Fantasy realm; But this is something created to be whole, where different characters from different games can come together and create a whole, new, neverending story.

We hope you become future Gaian Residents; joining us on the journey and story that has yet to be revealed to it's true extent.

~ Rules_+_Plot_+_Battle System_+_Locations_+_Characters_+_Applications ~

For More Info, then what you see; Please visit our community info.

if you have a question that wasn't answered in rules, or anywhere else; then feel free to comment or e-mail.

Thank You.

Maric & Camilla - The TB Mods.

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