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Radiant War: Battle of the Garden

Name: RadiantBattle (<-LJ name)
Format: KH/FF/Disney characters battling for the world of Radiant Garden, pre-KH I (note some characters will be unavailable due to this constriant, mostly KH and Disney characters)
Contact info: QueenBesant (AIM) and
Minimum Age Requirement: None (other than legal journal age) may be some mature themes but they will be well marked!
Game Description:

The sun still shone over Radiant Garden as two dark figures stepped through its Door. As the world gate closed, the two figures nodded at each other and one of them vanished. The one left behind was known as Besant, Wicked Queen and stepmother to the Princess of Heart, Snow White. She began to summon her Heartless minions, and she whispered their instructions:

"Seek out the Princess of Heart that resides here! She will be young, have hair the color of a rose, and radiate love unbound from her heart, an energy you will easily detect. Find her and bring her to me or my companion, and DO NOT begin the attack until after she has been delivered to go!"

The Heartless fled.

After weeks and weeks without a sign of the Princess, a note came to Besant from one of her corrupted spies. As she read the note, she clutched her fists until the knuckles turned white. Somehow, the guardians of the Princess had been warned and had taken her to another world. Besant let out a telepathic wave that all Heartless did others.

"You may now begin the attack on this world, but make its slow...I want all the wretched inhabitants of this rock to suffer!"

Besant walked the paths of shadow, seeking her spy. She wanted to know EXACTLY why this information had not been discovered earlier...he would pay for his mistake.

As he left Besant to set up their spy network and find the Princess, Chernabog began searching for a suitable base. He skimmed the paths of darkness, coming just close enough to the edges to see the world of Radiant Garden below. After a while he passed over a large barren plain...and the beginnings of a plan began to unfold. Chernabog removed himself from the shadows and descended...

The plains dwellers were ecstatic. A new, above-ground spring had formed, and its waters were fresh and clean! No more wells, no more long treks to the rivers, no more temporary housing. They would build here at this miracle spring and be happy. Weeks and months passed and soon, Desert Garden had grown into a bustling middling town and every day more and more people came to the well-fortified, well-stocked, and well-defended town. So many in fact, that none noticed those few extreme unfortunates that disappeared occasionally. They were drifters and the poorest of the poor, and with the glamour and wealth of the new almost-city, who WOULD notice? Chernabog grinned in his underground lair at the strength of the myriad hearts above him...and at their amazing susceptibility to the power of the water. Soon he might even dedicate a church, a cult to himself...but no bells. Besant would be well pleased.

This is an AU Kingdom Hearts RPG.
Sora, Kairi, and Riku are small children in their own world, and as of now, they will not come into play. This RPG is based on the events in Radiant Garden before it became Hollow Bastion, as a war is being fought between the Heartless and the characters. However, it will not follow the exact plot stated in the game. This world is inhabited by Final Fantasy and Disney characters. You may join as any pre-made character from a Final Fantasy game or a Disney movie. This community is slash-friendly, so long as the characters involved in the relationship are in agreement.
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