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FF RP Promotions

Come one and all!! Promote your FF RP HERE!

Final Fantasy RP Promo & Advertising
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To put it simply, this is just a community to promote and advertise your Final Fantasy-related role-play groups.

Finally. A Final Fantasy Role-playing Promotion and Advertising group. If you have a FF RP group you would like to make known across the world of LiveJournal, you may do so right here. Here's a few simple guidelines.

1) Remember, your group MUST BE Final Fantasy-related. Any other role-plays posted will be deleted immediately by the mods.

2) Your role-play group doesn't necessarily have to be on LiveJournal. It can be e-mail run, AIM/chat-run, etc. As long as it is Final Fantasy-related, it is fine!

3) Anyone may advertise and promote any Final Fantasy game except for Final Fantasy 11. Promotions and advertisements for Massive Multi-player Online games are not allowed in this community.

4) Please limit your RP advertisements to once every two weeks. If you want to advertise more sooner than that, you must get approval from one of the mods. Please send them an IM or an e-mail to ensure your approval.

5) No Final Fantasy-related RPs that consist of created characters. In fact, no creation of your OWN Final Fantasy game RP allowed.

6) Make sure you tell us what game (or games) you are going to promote. It does us no good if you just promote a FF RP group without telling us which game it's from.

7) Please make use of LJ-cuts where appropriate (i.e. long descriptions, huge images, etc.) LJ-cuts usually make people click on the cut so that they may see the image or read informative details about the RP group.

Use this form to post on your entry to advertise your RP group ---

Name: --the name of your RP--
Format: --is this a LJ RP, AIM RP, or what?--
Game(s): --what game or games is this RP about?--
Contact: --the person(s) to contact if there are any questions about the RP--
Website: --please make a link here for everyone to see what your RP is all about--
Minimum Age Requirement: --is there an age requirement? if so, state that here--
Deadline: --is there a deadline for this game? if so, state that here--
Game Description: --tell us what the game is all about--
Details: --tell us anything we should know about the game, anything we need (i.e. AIM, LJs, etc.), or anything useful pertaining to the game--

All posts will require a moderator approval before showing up on the community.

If you have any questions or concerns at all, please notify one of the mods or send an e-mail to the address listed above.

Thanks, and good luck with your role-play! ^_^
Here's a list of Final Fantasy Role-Play groups that are here on LiveJournal: